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RHT SS-HF Stainless Steel High Flow Manifolds

RHT SS Stainless Steel High Flow Manifolds New clean design ideal for Radiant heat applications. These manifolds are sold in pairs with both supply and return for closed loop non-potable hydronic heating systems with a maximum working temperature of 180° F. Both supply and return manifolds are provided with built in Temperature gauge in a dry well, boiler drain and air vent for easy purging of your hydronic system. Included: 1" NPT Straight (180°) Supply & Return Ball Valves 1/2" PEX A, B or C adapters 1" (ID) Extruded Stainless Steel Supply & Return Manifold Pair Manual Air Vent and... Read more

Sioux Chief Copper Manifolds

Sioux Chief Copper Manifolds All Sioux Chief Manifolds are made in the U.S.A. from 100% pure copper tube. These manifolds are sold individually. For Sioux Chief Crimp Rings Click Here Most orders ship same day.... Read more

RHT Manifold Accessories

RHT Manifold Accessories Everything you need to get your manifold up and running. RHT 4-wire Thermostatic Circuit Actuators RHT Manifold PEX adapters for all sizes of PEX tubing Optional Flow Gauge adds on to RHT HF & SS manifolds Reducer bushings Ball Valves in straight (180°) or right angle (90°) Manifold wall access panels... Read more

RHT Pressure Test Kits

RHT PEX Pressure Test Kit Test your PEX with air pressure Our RHT pressure test kits come in many different configurations. Each has an RHT pressure gauge and a SharkBite ¾” MNPT x PEX connector. Also included is a SharkBite PEX x end stop plug and straight PEX x PEX connectors. Once your PEX is in place, all lines can be connected together as one long loop with the gauge on one end and the end cap at the other end, allowing you to pressure-up your system for inspection.... Read more


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