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PEX Tubing | RHT Radiant Heat Whole House Packages

RHT Whole House Packages Buy a Package & Save Money! New construction? Remodeling? Do-It-Yourself? Radiant heating is the most energy efficient way to heat your home, and RHT Whole House Packages have everything you need to get started. Each package includes: RHT 1/2" PEX-B with O2 Barrier RHT manifold & adapters 90 degree polymer bends* PEX cutter Pressure test kit Click here for tips on determining tube size and spacing. 5% Discount built into price plus FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48.... Read more

RHT Prefabricated Zone Valve Systems

RHT Prefabricated Zone Valve Systems Simplify Your Radiant Heating Project RHT prefabricated zone valve systems are one of the most energy efficient zone distribution systems on the market today. Maximize your comfort and performance while keeping electrical energy consumption to a minimum. A perfect match to any heat source, simply tie into your primary loop or directly into your buffer tank. All units are professionally assembled and packaged to arrive safely. Units have a 1" primary loop and 3/4" secondary loops. They feature a Grundfos Alpha pump, TACO Zone Valve Control, Grundfos motorized zone valves, Webstone ball valves, isolation flanges... Read more


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