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RHT Floor Panel System For Radiant Heat Systems

RHT Floor Panel System Keeps Sandwich Style Radiant Floor Installations On Track The RHT floor panel system provides an easy, fast, and effective way to attach, guide, and install your PEX tubing effectively and cleanly. This system is designed to be used with ½" RHT PEX tubing. It features specially machined 180° turns, making installation a breeze. The RHT Floor Panel System also comes with custom heat transfer plates, which help secure the PEX tubing in their omega shaped (Ω) channels while allowing for a more efficient energy transfer, ensuring a more efficient and cost effective heating experience. Features: 3/4"... Read more

Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels

Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels Fast. Easy. Saves labor. Just walk it in. Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels dramatically reduce installation time and labor cost, and provide a built-in method of optimizing heat dispersion after installation. Panels are manufactured in the USA out of BASF Styropor and Neopor EPS to offer superior strength and insulating properties. Creatherm's innovative snap-together, pre-molded tubing channel system allows for simple, efficient installation while maintaining proper tube alignment. These channels eliminate ‘hot spots’ and provide a more comfortable environment. Ideal for new or existing residential and commercial buildings, for melting snow & ice on driveways & walkways... Read more


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